About ATB

Across the Bridge

About Across the Bridge:


Across the Bridge was launched 2009 by Chas and Nicola* in order to advance the Kingdom of God by supporting and encouraging Christian leaders and churches overseas, through prayer, pastoral support and prophetic ministry.




Across the Bridge supports overseas ministries, particularly in cross-cultural pioneering situations through sending short-term teams offering prayer, teaching, prophetic ministry and pastoral support.


When overseas workers visit the UK we may support them through briefing and debriefing as well as prayer ministry.

In the UK:

Across the Bridge works with Mahabba to reach people of other faith backgrounds in Croydon, UK.


Types of ministry offered


· Pastoral support of leaders

· Prayer support

· Prayer ministry

· Prophetic input

· Relationship building and


· Teaching and ministry

· Team building

* Full name witheld for security reasons

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