Overseas Ministry

Across the Bridge

Connecting with ATB from overseas


‘Across the Bridge’ supports overseas ministries, particularly in cross-cultural pioneering situations through sending small short-term teams offering prayer, teaching, prophetic ministry and pastoral support. In particular we support some of the workers for World Horizons.


Please note: ATB is run by two people who live in dependence on the Lord for their income and we have no other funds. We are not therefore able to offer:


•Financial support to overseas to ministries.

•Accountability or oversight.


Here is an outline of the ministries of Across the Bridge overseas’.

Summary of the types of ministry offered:

Individual support


Pastoral support of leaders



Prayer support



Prayer Ministry





Pastoral support:


Pioneering cross-cultural work is very demanding. Sometimes workers feel isolated and under supported. Whilst many ministries in established areas have a strong network of support, for cross-cultural workers this kind of support is often limited. ‘Across the Bridge’ supports your ministry through bringing pastoral support to you in your situation.


Practical example: You could invite ATB to meet with your leadership team individually or as a group for personal support and growth.

Prophetic input


Relationship building and networking


Bible Teaching






Prayer teams:


Pioneering teams need extra prayer to breakthrough in their location. Across the Bridge offers visiting teams of people who will focus on praying for your ministry. Over the years we have seen that it is a great advantage to have a team visit your location as people gain a much greater burden for your work and can focus on prayer without the normal distractions of life. Once this prayer link is established, it is maintained through regular prayer in the UK by the Support Team.


Practical example: A team could be invited to come and pray for a week into a key area of your ministry.





Across the Bridge also offers teaching and prophetic ministry to help build up the local ministry.

Practical example: You could invite ATB to bring a team to minister to your leadership team or church for an away day or a few days conference.

There may be other ways that you can think of in which you would like to connect with ATB as a group or as an individual. If so, please do contact us and we can see if there are ways in which we can help you.

The general nature of the relationship between you and Across the Bridge.


The nature of the connection is very much a growing relationship. At first you will want to get to know us and we will need to learn how we can best help to meet the needs of your situation. Over time as trust grows between us the effectiveness of the relationship between us can also deepen.


We seek to emphasise serving you through Across the Bridge. Consequently, the number of people in the team, the type of team, and the purpose of their visit is agreed in advance with you. While a team is with you, the team would seek to work under your guidance.

We recognise that most, if not all overseas ministries will be connected with other organisations which offer accountability and other kinds of support. It is our intention to respect and honour these relationships. Our aim is not to compete with these, but to supplement them. Your line of accountability naturally remains with them, but Across the Bridge can also offer you a further level of relational support for those who would like it. Across the Bridge also works to network with all mission organisations in the UK and is a member of Global Connections.

Finally, you will be pleased to know there is no cost involved in receiving a team. Our aim is to come and be a blessing and not a burden. If you think that receiving a team would be right for you, then we would love to hear from you.

What to do next:

If you are part of an overseas ministry and you would like to receive a team, please contact us so that we can discuss this with you. Chas could then visit your location and see how ‘Across the Bridge’, might best serve you.

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