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Ministry in the UK


Regular visits are made abroad to support individual workers and teams. However, a majority of our time is spent in the UK and we are actively involved in a variety of ministries in the UK. An outline of these home based ministries are given below.

Mahabba co-ordinators.


In the UK Chas & Nicola work with the Mahabba Network. Chas is the London Facilitator for the Mahabba Network.

Chas & Nicola together are also the Mahabba co-ordinators for Croydon.


Mahabba seeks to mobilise Christians to pray for people of other faith backgrounds, demonstrate love to them and share the good news with them. For more information about this go to:




Ministry to individuals


Chas & Nicola offer prayer ministry to people needing refreshment, healing or release. Personal prayer ministry appointments can be arranged by contacting Chas. Chas has been trained and accreditted in prayer ministry through Christian Prayer Ministries.


Briefing and Debriefing


Combining their own experiences of living and working on the mission field with professional training, Chas & Nicola offer briefing and debriefing for overseas workers. Chas & Nicola have been trained in this ministry through Tear Fund in the UK and are currently part of the Tear Fund debriefing team.



Teaching and Ministry


Chas teaches from the Bible through the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Chas has a degree in theology and is an experienced Pastor and Teacher.


If you would like further information about how you can receive any of the above ministries, please contact us There is no set fee for any of these ministries, but donations are welcome.

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